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Swirl Wristwarmers

Posted by beyenburgerin - Oktober 9, 2010

Lately I used some selfdyed selfspun wool

to knit some wristwarmers.

Most wristwarmers are a bit tight up the arm. And when you have a big size, you usually don’t have slim arms. So it is nice if wristwarmers are a bit wider. If you have slim arms, just leave out some increases. You can also draw the spiral pattern straight if you feel like it. Additionally, the wristwarmers look nice from the right side as well as from the wrong side.

Here is the pattern:

Pattern is being revised

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4 Antworten to “Swirl Wristwarmers”

  1. Hi! Hello from Ireland!
    At last I am taking the time to read the blogs I have been meaning to catch up on, and so here I am dropping in on yours!
    These look like lovely wristwarmers, thanks for sharing the pattern with us, the wool is lovely too, lovely colours.
    I find that wristwarmers do really warm the wrists and keep the arms and hands warm in cool weather. I do not like being cold!
    The spinning wheel is safe and sound but not getting lots of use I’m afraid at the moment, the kids are too frisky near it and I don’t want their ‘help’.
    But not to worry, the right time will come…

  2. beyenburgerin said

    Hi Liz,

    great to hear from you and that you are happy with the spinning wheel. I also thinks it works nicely.

    A few years ago I didn’t like wristwarmers, but my wrists told me otherwise, they want more and more warmth ;)


  3. Jenn said


    Is there any chance you could write this pattern in a smaller size?? I love the pattern, but have slim arms, and don’t have the patience to write one myself :D

  4. beyenburgerin said

    Hi Jenn,

    there are two possibilities

    1) you take smaller needles

    2) you cast on less stitches. The number must be divided by 7. That is because of the first decrease row k3tog, k4 = 7 stitches. If you cast on 56 sts the smallest number of sts after row 7 is 32. If you cast on 49 sts it will be 28 sts and so on.

    I hope this will gelp you.


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