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Lacy Blue Wristwarmers – English

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 30, 2007

Here you can download the pattern for the Lacy Blue Socks. I was inspired to this pattern by Anna Dalvi’s Shawl Mystic Waters.  Anna gave me the permission to use her shawl patterns in this sock pattern.

And here you can downlaod the pattern:

Lacy Blue Wristwarmers English

Here is the link to the Lacy Blue Socks . A 100 g ball of sock wool is sufficient for both projects.

Some wrong Symbols made their way into the chart here is the Correction


4 Antworten to “Lacy Blue Wristwarmers – English”

  1. Dawn said

    Your socks and your wristwarmers are lovely. thank you for sharing your patterns with your Mystic Waters KAL friends! Dawn

  2. Alexandra said

    Hallo !

    Na das ging ja flott mit der Anleitung.
    Vielen Dank, die werde ich direkt mal austesten.

  3. Lucy said

    Hi bit confused with the correction, it seems on the 3rd row (and 6th, 9th, 12th & 15th) there seems to be more ssk that yo, so surely stitches are lost? On row 3 I am finding I have 46 instead of 48 stitches? This seems to be a problem

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