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Lion’s Lace Scarf

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 27, 2009

A bit of nice wool for spinning from Marianne, spun to a 2-ply yarn, consistsing of wool and mohair.

Just enough for a nice scarf

And the lion made from bronze behind our town hall in Wuppertal-Elberfeld doesn’t mind to be a model, so it named the scarf to „Lion’s Scarf“

New pattern: Columbine Stole

Only for private use, Copyright @ Beyenburgerin.

12 Antworten zu “Lion’s Lace Scarf”

  1. beyenburgerin said

    Hm, I have no idea where the three comments went, cannot find them, pretty strange thing.

    Shirley, thank you for your comment, I changed the typo this morning.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Susan said

    Thank you for this pattern! I will start it immediately.

  3. Debbie B said

    I love the lion. Thank you for such a pretty pattern.

  4. Kat Grau said

    I really like your website and the Lion’s Lace pattern is absolutely beautiful. I have just begun making lacy scarves and this one is a definite one for me to do. Many thanks!!

  5. kirsty said

    hi. i have been trying to work on the scarf. I can’t figure out what the edge stitch is?


  6. beyenburgerin said

    Hi Kristi,

    starting k, k2tog, yo, ending yo, k2tog, k.


  7. Leanne said

    I love this pattern. I just starting knitting about 3 months ago and love the lace patterns. I found yours during a search for them. I have a few questions, the pattern says the edge stitch is K2tog, yo, then I assume you repeat K2tog, yo, until the last 3 sts, then yo, K2tog, K1. Is that right? Then in one of the post you answered that the edge stitch is K, K2tog, yo ans ending yo, K2tog, K1. Is there suppose to be a knit stitch before the k2Tog in the edge pattern? And does 2ktog mean the same as k2tog? In row 5 is where im getting 2ktog. Thanks so much!!

  8. beyenburgerin said

    Hi Leanne,

    row 5 only works with knitting k2 in the end, otherwise you have one stitch decrease.

    starting and ending the row with k1

    k2tog = knitting two stitches together using the knit stitch


  9. Wendy said

    I would like to add the edging on the shawl to the Lion’s Lace Scarf. If I use a provisional cast on at the beginning, can I just then add it to the end of the scarf on both ends, how do I do it? Please.
    Will the graph # 2 for the shawl fit the end of the scarf?
    I have not played with putting patterns together yet but am sure I can do it with a little help.
    Have some handspun Scottish wool which I think will use about a 4 – 4.5 mm needle.
    This is my over the Christmas Holidays project to keep my hands nimble.
    Would really appreciate any advice you have for me.
    Many thanks,

    • beyenburgerin said

      Hi Wendy,

      it should work. You can block straight or a bit wider and to the sides. i personally put loops on the needle instead of a complicated provisional cast on.

      You could also knit the edgin all around the scarf, then you just have to get around the corners.

  10. Charayah said

    Hi There,

    I want to say I really like your lion lace scarf. I just started knitting this year. I learned the basics already. I started doing the lion lace scarf pattern. I wanted to know where is says on the pattern Start Main pattern with Edge Pattern what does that mean? For Row 7 do I do the edge pattern first and then do the Main Pattern for five rows, then go back to the edge pattern. I am confused as to what to do. Thanks.

    • beyenburgerin said

      Nope. In row 7 you do the edge pattern at the start of the row, then the main pattern, and then the edge pattern at the end of the row.
      The repeat is 6 + 1, so 5 x 6 stitches = 30 stitches, + 1 31 stitches, and 3 stitches edge pattern on each side = 37 stitches.

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