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Sjöbacka Shawl – English Pattern

Posted by beyenburgerin - Oktober 31, 2010

The Sjöbacka Shawl is a modification of my Arvika Shawlwith a different edging. The bind off isn’t straight, but has loads of nice little peaks.

We used to make holidays quite often in Värmland, Sweden. As it is always hard to find names for patterns, I decided to choose places in Värmland as names for knitting patterns. Sjöbacka is north of Arvika on the way to Gunnarskog, right at the lake Gunnern, surounded by meadows, fields and forests . I was there two years ago and met a knitter/spinner from Ravelry, Bim, who does much more things than juts handicrafts. And here is her blog it is written in Swedish, but with many photos, so you might understand a bit.

The pattern is back online. You can find it here.

Detail of the edging

2 Antworten zu “Sjöbacka Shawl – English Pattern”

  1. Sandra said


  2. Dit is voor het eerst dat ik Sjöbacka Shawl – English Pattern Beyenburgerin\’s Weblog bezoek en ik ben fijn overrompeld door de correlatie dat het stukje behelst met dieet voor een week.

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