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Yukon Hat

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 25, 2010

Deutsche Anleitung folgt in den nächsten Tagen

The name for the hat is chosen, there were many nice suggestions. I was not able to decide, so I let my family decide and they chose the name Yukon Hat. My version is knit from selfspun Swifter wool. You can choose any wool, but you should knit with small needles to keep the wind outside.

My daughter modeled for the hat 🙂

The hat also nice for men, as my son Nils shows here

And he liked the short photo session

And here is the pattern for the Yukon Hat

Pattern is being revised

Have fun knitting it.

Eine Antwort zu “Yukon Hat”

  1. Jammam said

    Thank you again Brigitte and thank you to your family also 🙂

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