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Crepidula Shawl

Posted by beyenburgerin - September 17, 2011

The Crepidula Shawl is an idea I had already quite a while. The wideness assures that the shawl lies on the shoulders safely and will not slip down. The shawl forms a three quarter circle, the edge is slightly ruffled. The pattern repeat is the same as with the Vest Crepidula. You can find that free pattern in my blog too.

This shawl is easy to knit, so it is also suitable for beginners. Advanced knitters can knit this shawl by the way. There are mainly stockinette and garter stitch rows and only 2 special pattern rows with yarn overs and increases within 16 rows. So don’t panic that you see so many rows described below. After a few rows you will not need to look at the pattern very often.

Link to pattern page 

You will find more photos of the shawl here


27 Antworten to “Crepidula Shawl”

  1. marilyn said

    link didn’t work!
    very pretty

  2. beyenburgerin said

    Hi Marilyn,

    I think there was a problem at Worpress, it works now.


  3. Kati said

    Unfortunately, I’m not able to download the pattern and I love it! Help!!!

  4. beyenburgerin said

    Hi Kati,
    I tried again, and it worked. I think WordPress has a problem today, you should try from time to time, it opens slowly.


  5. Kati said

    Great, thanks.

  6. ArSim said

    Hi..Any body
    I can loaded pattern from ,Pls. copy link to address bar and try again.

  7. Jeannie C said

    Why MUST these be on PDF??? I can’t get them to my email! I have to sit and write down every single line. Grrrrrr.

    • beyenburgerin said

      Hi Jeannie,

      PdF is a common profile.

      You could also make screenshots from the screen and print them.

      • Jeannie C said

        Yes ma’am I could – if I had the knowledge and equipment – which I don’t. 😦 Thanks anyway.

      • beyenburgerin said

        You can download Acrobat reader everywhere. Another possibility would be to make screenshots and then print them.


  8. Liz Nichols said

    This is a lovely pattern and am looking forward to my completed project.

    I’m just begining the shawl have have 2 questions; Row 11 should there be a K5 at the beginning. I’m having issues getting it to come out to the 51 stitches.

    And on row 19, 35, etc there is an R at the beginning of the directions ( R. K5, *yo etc. What is the ‚R‘?



    • Maureen Sandejas said

      I have the same problem–in row 11 I don’t reach 51 stitches at the end of the row. I have ripped out and repreated three times with the same result. what am I doing wrong?

      • beyenburgerin said

        It should be 51 sttiches, but it doesn’t matter if there are a few less or more. If it is a difference of 2 or 3 stitches that is still ok.


  9. Lita said

    I made the shawl from an acrylic thread: it is beautiful!!! (Although I made many mistakes)
    Thank you so very much for sharing the pattern! 🙂

  10. beyenburgerin said

    Row 11: yup

    R. in row 19 and 35 doesn’t matter, it is a remainder from the translation from German to English, I will fix that, just cross it out.


  11. Liz Nichols said

    I finish my shawl and it is very nice. Lots of compliments. Thank you for the pattern.

  12. Jenny said

    If you don’t have pdf, and can’t do a screen shot, you can copy and paste into word or another writing program. This is what I often do..This shawl is beautiful, I can’t wait to make it.

  13. Helen Minick said

    I don’t understand the cast on. Where do I get the 7 stitches from? Thanks.

  14. Helen Minick said

    I don’t understand row 11. What does the star mean?

    • beyenburgerin said

      It is not one star, but two stars. And that is a common sign in knitting patterns. The stitch combination between the stars is repeated continously. Maybe you should look at some sites with knitting basics as well.


  15. Jean Florian said

    I am also having trouble with sp.sks. The way I read it, there is no increase there, but I suspect there should be. Should it then be a

  16. Jean Florian said

    Or should there be another yarn over, knit one, then sp.sks? Otherwise, I see it is not increasing, so the only increases on line 11 are the beginning yo and ending yo. I came up with 41 stitches.

  17. samira said

    hi , i from iran , it’s Beautiful , tank’s for this

  18. Lise said

    I am having lots of problems. On row 11, I cannot get 51 stitches. I deconstructed the pattern on paper and there is no way that with the instructions given you can get 51, you can only get 49. I use 1 square for every one of the 39 initial stitches and then I mark the instructions using them. Also, in the beginning, after cast 5 it says „knit 14 rows“. What does it mean? after that, we have instructions for set up row 1 and 2 and then, I do not see any special mark on row 14 or 16 that can indicate a change of pattern. Thanks.

    • beyenburgerin said

      True, that are 49 stitches. But the number of total stitches after certain rows are rather disturbing. The important thing is to have an edging of 5 stitches garter stitch on each side.
      You cast on 5 stitches knit 14 rows. Taht is across. And then you do just what the setup rows say, pick up stitches from the sides of these 14 rows and end with 17 stitches.
      The repeat is marked in row 7, 22, and so on. And there is an instruction how it is marked about row 1.
      The pattern has no change of pattern, it has a 16 row repeat.

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