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Visby Knitfelted Basket

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 5, 2011

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You can never have enough bags at hand. The Visby basket kindly grows a bit if you have more to take along with you than you expected.
The bottom is knit in 8 sections, which gets pretty close to forming a circle. The sides get narrower towards the top to form a basket shape and to prevent items from falling out of the bag. The straps are 80 cm long.
The circumference after felting is about 100 cm and the height 28 cm.

Includes instructions how to make the cat bed.

About 550 grams wool of wool of a type that can be felted, 80 m/50 grams; doublepointed needles 8 mm, circular needles 8 mm. 8 stitch markers, or at least 1 to mark the beginnings of the round.
or: 700 g felting wool, 50 m/50 g; doublepointed needles 10 mm, circular needles 10 mm. 8 stitch markers, or at least 1 to mark the beginnings of the round.

Cats love those bags, as you can see here:

And if you knit the bag only up to row 31 and then bind off, it can be a beautiful cat home:

3 Antworten zu “Visby Knitfelted Basket”

  1. Astrid said

    Oh, sind die schööööön…..

  2. edith said

    Liebe Beyenburgerin,

    diese Tasche war eine der ersten Anleitungen, die ich mir gespeichert habe. Ich finde Ihren Blog sehr interessant. Westen, wunderschöne Rohwolle…. ein Genuss. Danke.


  3. beyenburgerin said

    Danke für das Lob 🙂

    LG Brigitte

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