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Pattern Verdal Jacket

Posted by beyenburgerin - Januar 4, 2012

At the weekend in summer 2011 when I spun the wool for this jacket, a horrible terrorist attack happened in Norway. It was hard to believe what happened there. I could completely sympathise with the Norwegians, feel their horror, sorrow and consternation. Norwegians are very cosmopolitan with all their heart. I also felt with my relatives in Norway, who live in Verdalsöra in the Verdal valley. That is why I called this jacket Verdal. I think this name is quite suitable because it shows that colours match that you would not usually put together. Which is the same with many different nationalities, that enrich a single nation.

More information about the processing  of the wool and the jacket can be found here


>>>>>     Pattern is being revised   <<<<<

For knitters who don’t spin eg this wool can be suitable,  3-ply variegated yarn  from Ullcentrum.

The pattern for the cowl is also  in this blog, Remembrance Cowl.

9 Antworten zu “Pattern Verdal Jacket”

  1. Linda Krumholz said

    Is there any way I can get the pattern in English? It is absolutely the most beautiful jacket I have seen in a long time.
    Thanks so much in advance.

    linda k

  2. beyenburgerin said

    Well, just click the Download link above, then you can download it.


  3. Aline said

    That pattern is in English, just the needles are not. But just goggle knitting needle convertion, and you can find out the sizes you need.

  4. Aline said

    I would like the pattern for the pointed piece around the neck, think the jacket looks better with it that without.

  5. Jo said

    Thank you for sharing the pattern. I may have to return for assistance! What a beautiful design, I hope I can find some bold colors to use, too!

  6. beyenburgerin said

    @Aline: That free pattern is in my blog too, Remembrance Cowl


  7. T. Edens said

    This jacket is a definite „must do“ for me. I have many relatives in Norway, some close to the disastrous area. I have often thought I want to do or make something to commemorate the event and here you have designed the perfect thing….including the perfect colour – thank you!
    All the best from Canada

  8. Bente Thomassen said

    I love your colors but where can I find the recipe? Sincerely, Bente

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