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Baltic Sea Breeze Shawl

Posted by beyenburgerin - April 1, 2012

Here is the pattern of the Baltic Sea Breeze Shawl for you. The yarn is from  Ullcentrum (environmentally friendly yarn production), and thereby from Swedish sheep that had the Baltic Sea Breeze blowing around their nose and wool. It is very easy to knit, needs a thorough blocking and can be knitted as lage as you want it. Additionally it is wider than just a triangle, so it stays on the shoulders nicely and doesn’t slip down.

Ravelry Pattern Page


6 Antworten zu “Baltic Sea Breeze Shawl”

  1. Manu said

    Oh, wie schön. Ich habe das Tuch hier gestern schon bewundert… Und heute gibt’s die Anleitung dazu *freu*.
    Dann werd ich mich mal gleich auf die Suche nach der passenden Wolle machen… ;o)

    Vielen Dank für Deine Mühe!!

  2. So lovely! Like a spring Breeze. Can I get this yarn directly from Ullcentrum? I’m goign to look right now.

  3. beyenburgerin said

    Yup, Cheryl, you can directly order from Ullcentrum. Give Ann my regards.


  4. ِEbtihal said

    can this be done with regular knitting needles or circular needles are must?

  5. ِEbtihal said

    thank you so much, I love your pattern
    sometimes too much stitches easier to handle than worrying about flipping stitches 🙂
    It is just that I’m not really used to circular needles, I have been knitting for a long time using only the regular ones
    thank you for your pattern and your help

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