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All-O-Ruffles Shawl

Posted by beyenburgerin - Mai 19, 2012

This shawl is part of a series of shawls. The shawl has ruffles all around, and the “O” stands for the many holes in the lace pattern. The ruffles are done directly as you knit along. The shawl looks nice from both sides, so it is reversible. Just one ball of sock yarn offers a size of 220 x 65 cm.

Link to pattern page

4 Antworten zu “All-O-Ruffles Shawl”

  1. Deb Bonfiglio said

    Hello, I love your patterns, and your photos are beautiful! I just started on the No ruffles shawl, but then saw the photo of the All O Ruffles Shawl and would rather make that…. However the link for the English instructions does not open. Is there any way that can be fixed? Thank you again for all the wonderful patterns.

    • beyenburgerin said

      Hi Deb,
      sorry for that, I actually don’t know what went wrong and where the pattern went. But bow it is fixed and you can downlaod it.


  2. Deb Bonfiglio said

    Thank you very much. I bought my yarn yesterday. I am excited to begin.

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