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The naming of Columbine pattern series

Posted by beyenburgerin - Februar 24, 2018

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The name Columbine for this series of knitting patterns derives from the flower, using a knitting pattern that reminds of alined columbine budsWhen I first named a pattern Columbine in spring 2015, I disucussed the name with several people via email, in the USA and a South African lady living in Britain. So that covers quite a lot of the English speaking world. All confirmed that the first thought was not the Columbine shooting, but the flower.

I can assure you, it has nothing to do with any school shootings in the USA. They are really horrible, my thoguhts are with the families and friends of the victims. But it seems that the pattern suddenly turns to a kind of political statement, which was not intended, but if it helps just a bit to make people stand up against all those weapons and shootings it is fine by me. Publishing the baby blanket pattern right now is just by chance, it was finished now and ready for publishing. But maybe it should have been just right now, reminding everybody that babies and children need to be protected, not shot.

I sold quite a number of patterns of the series to USA knitters by now, nobody ever complained until now about the name Columbine. And if there had not been the Parkland school shooting recently, there might not even have been any reaction on the name up to now. 

It might make sense to use the columbine flower as a symbol to finally stand up against all those who think they have the right to own and use weapons, even if that means too many weapons get into the wrong hands and US children are shot. The columbine is a delicate flower, as delicate as the life of the US children that should be protected from being shot in schools. But as the patterns are a series, that was not my thought behind using the name of the series for a baby blanket. Though a blanket for a baby and delicate flower match, once you connect columbine only to school shootings and not to the flowers.

Here in Europe, we do not understand why US Americans fight only abortion as killing vehemently, but not owning and using weapons against their children. I hope that will fianlly, finally, finally change now. Enough is enough!!! If my naming makes US Americans angry, angry enough to stand up against NRA and too many weapons, that is fine by me. I can so much understand those young people who are fed up of being in danger of being shot at school. That is school, not war. Aren’t your children as delicate as the columbine flower and need to be protected?

In Europe we really cannot understand the extensive use of weapons in the USA. On average, 100 US Americans are shot per day. Which makes 36500 a year, much more than half a million since the Columbine High School massacre. That is like a constant civil war in a civilised country. More than half a million victims in the last 20 years is like all inhabitants of a huge city have been extinguished from the surface of the earth since then. Murder is so seldom in Germany that almost every murder is reported on in the national news here. Maybe it would be quite a good idea to report all those murders in the USA on national news. With every single killing being reported, US people might understand that this has to change. Now!!! And help the young people in their fight against weapons in their rising national movement. It is not enough that just a few weapon owners destroy their weapons.

I added photos of columbine flowers to all patterns of the Columbine series now to make the link to the name of the flower, there used to be some in the first Columbine pattern before. And I made a bundle




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