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Pattern Verdal Jacket

Posted by beyenburgerin - Januar 4, 2012

At the weekend in summer 2011 when I spun the wool for this jacket, a horrible terrorist attack happened in Norway. It was hard to believe what happened there. I could completely sympathise with the Norwegians, feel their horror, sorrow and consternation. Norwegians are very cosmopolitan with all their heart. I also felt with my relatives in Norway, who live in Verdalsöra in the Verdal valley. That is why I called this jacket Verdal. I think this name is quite suitable because it shows that colours match that you would not usually put together. Which is the same with many different nationalities, that enrich a single nation.

More information about the processing  of the wool and the jacket can be found here


>>>>>     Pattern is being revised   <<<<<

For knitters who don’t spin eg this wool can be suitable,  3-ply variegated yarn  from Ullcentrum.

The pattern for the cowl is also  in this blog, Remembrance Cowl.

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Vest Glava

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 3, 2011

This is a pattern I wrote four years ago, but I did not translate it to English yet. So here is the English translation now. Have fun knitting it.

Pattern is being revised

My vest is knitted with selfspun selfdyed Eastfrisian Milksheep wool.

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Yukon Hat

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 25, 2010

Deutsche Anleitung folgt in den nächsten Tagen

The name for the hat is chosen, there were many nice suggestions. I was not able to decide, so I let my family decide and they chose the name Yukon Hat. My version is knit from selfspun Swifter wool. You can choose any wool, but you should knit with small needles to keep the wind outside.

My daughter modeled for the hat 🙂

The hat also nice for men, as my son Nils shows here

And he liked the short photo session

And here is the pattern for the Yukon Hat

Pattern is being revised

Have fun knitting it.

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Pattern Lamb Vicky

Posted by beyenburgerin - März 14, 2010

This pattern is a few years old.I knit the lamb again and revised the pattern a bit.  I did it with funny fur yarn a few years ago, now it is done with selfspun merino wool. You can knit it with any appropriate wool.

Pattern Lamb Vicky: Pattern is being revised

Copyright @ Beyenburgerin, for private use only

Sannes lamb Jolene:

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Lion’s Lace Scarf

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 27, 2009

A bit of nice wool for spinning from Marianne, spun to a 2-ply yarn, consistsing of wool and mohair.

Just enough for a nice scarf

And the lion made from bronze behind our town hall in Wuppertal-Elberfeld doesn’t mind to be a model, so it named the scarf to „Lion’s Scarf“

New pattern: Columbine Stole

Only for private use, Copyright @ Beyenburgerin.

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Anleitung/Pattern Winterhauch

Posted by beyenburgerin - November 10, 2008

Please scroll down for English instructions

Hier ist nun die endgültige Anleitung für das Tuch Winterhauch. Nadja hat die Dateien der jeweiligen Teile in jeweils einer PdF-Datei zusammengefasst.

Das Forum Handarbeitsfrau ist wieder online, die Anleitung gibt es auch hier.


Anleitung Teil 1

Legende Teil 1

Instructions part 1

legend part 1


Anleitung Teil 2

Instructions part 2


Teil 3 Anleitung

Instructions part 3


Teil 4 Anleitung

Instructions part 4


Teil 5 Anleitung

Instructions part 5


Teil 6 Anleitung

Instructions part 6


Winterhauch Teil/Part 1

Winterhauch Teil/Part 2

Winterhauch Teil/Part 3

Winterhauch Teil/Part 4

Winterhauch Teil/Part 5

Winterhauch Teil/Part 6

To knit this shawl, you need to download the Instructions files plus legend in English. The German word „Teil“ means part „rechts“ means right, „links“ = left, „Mitte“ = middle. You also have to download the  chart files of each part, starting with „Teil 1 „. Have fun 🙂

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Lacy Blue Wristwarmers – English

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 30, 2007

Here you can download the pattern for the Lacy Blue Socks. I was inspired to this pattern by Anna Dalvi’s Shawl Mystic Waters.  Anna gave me the permission to use her shawl patterns in this sock pattern.

And here you can downlaod the pattern:

Pattern is being revised

Here is the link to the Lacy Blue Socks . A 100 g ball of sock wool is sufficient for both projects.


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Lacy Blue Socks – English

Posted by beyenburgerin - Dezember 21, 2007

Here you can download the pattern for the Lacy Blue Socks. I was inspired to this pattern by Anna Dalvi’s Shawl Mystic Waters.  Anna gave me the permission to use her shawl patterns in this sock pattern.

Photo in a bigger version .

Please click here to see a detail shot of the heel

Pattern is being revised



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