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Lottorp Shawl

Posted by beyenburgerin - März 31, 2012

Here you can find the pattern for the Lottorp Shawl. I named it after the small city Löttorp on the island Öland in Sweden. The company Ullcentrum, where I got this wonderful wool from, is situated in Löttorp.  They produce environmentally friendly yarn since almost 15 years now and were the first to introduce this way of making a variegated yarn, because Ann Linderhjelm devoloped it. Here you can read interesting facts about the company. They also produce wonderful felted clothing, hot mats etc.

I like shawls that are a bit more than half a circle, so this one is a 5/8 th shawl that warms nicely and doesn’t slip from the shoulders.

Pattern Download:

Pattern is being revised

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10 Antworten to “Lottorp Shawl”

  1. Chris Roderick said

    Love this

  2. Cherizac said

    It’s lovely! For those of us who don’t have access to the recommended yarn, what weight is it? I love the shaping in this shawl; thank you for sharing it!

  3. CDellatore said

    I’m looking at the pattern and I see 100 grams but I don’t see the total of Skeins I need to buy to complete the project.

  4. Luise Erdmann said

    What is the gauge — stitches per cm or inch — of this yarn? The shawl is great!

  5. Angeline Wortham said

    Rows 5 and 6: (5 times) between * ?
    Make 5 segments according to “Instructions”?
    How to assemble?

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