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See The Light Shawl – English

Posted by beyenburgerin - Februar 9, 2011

I designed this shawl, which I named the „See The Light Shawl“, in remembrance of my mother-in-law. She passed away peacefully on the 19th of December, 2010, at the age of 89.

The shawl begins at the center top starting with my mother-in-law’s favourite knitting pattern, the Feather & Fan. From there open out rays, sun rays, and, further down, cornflowers. The edging comes in two versions. I started knitting this colourful shawl with the wool I spun on my handspindle during the week my mother-in-law made her way to the other side. The first is pink and green.  The second is cornflower blue.

 Ravelry Pattern Page


My daughter modeled again

19 Antworten zu “See The Light Shawl – English”

  1. Anne said

    Gorgeous shawl and your daughter is beautiful . Off to donate now . Thanks for sharing this pattern

  2. Precious words and work!

  3. Ceci said

    Really beautiful – both the shawl and your sentiment. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Fabulous!

  5. Deborah Emel said

    I really like the semi circle shape of this shawl and the crepidula shawl. Are any of your other shawl patterns a semi circle shape that fits so well on shoulders? Also, I was going to donate but could not translate the page you listed. Do you have a link to that page in English? I love your stories and pictures and patterns. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do.

    • beyenburgerin said

      Hi Deborah,

      no, there is no translation to that website. But you might also have a place to doante money for eye surgeries/cataract in third world countries.
      I don’t like shawls that slip from the shoulders, and I wear shawls all the time. See the Light and Crepidula are more than semi circle, as well as Gloria and Lottorp. But Happy Easter, Spring Flower, Baltic See Breeze, N-O-Ruffles, All-O-Ruffles, Arvika, Tinka, Sjöbacka also fit nicely around the shoulders. I just wonder if I forgot one.


      • Deborah Emel said

        Brigitte, thank you for the reply. I am going to try See the Light as I have already done Crepidula more than one time!

  6. Marybeth P. said

    gorgeous shawl, beautiful daughter!

  7. T. Edens said

    Thank you for this and all your wonderful patterns. Love your designs and am feeling a special bond to your work because of the attached stories – not only this pattern but all of them.
    All the best from Canada

  8. Steph said

    Firstly, thanks for allowing this pattern to be free. I love knitting with beads so I was excited to try this shawl. However, after the Setup, I noticed with Chart 1 you have to count stitches of every row and divide them to figure out where to put the yarn overs. Is that correct? It’s complicated to count stitches each row and figure out how to divide them up and figure out the stitch count. Is this the way you are knitting this piece? Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you!

    • beyenburgerin said

      I am revising the pattern and unfortuantely, I have a very bad line now, so I cannot even open my blog. So you have to be a bit patient.

      After revision, the pattern won’t be free any more, because so many thousands downlaoded without any donation at all. But the answers will of course be free, and also information if something was wrong at some point of the pattern.


    • beyenburgerin said

      Just follow the chart, you have 8 stitches between the edge stitches, and you do 8 knit stitches and 4 yarnovers.


  9. Deborah Emel said

    Hello Brigitte, I have been working on this shawl now for about two weeks from the free version and have been having so much trouble with the charts that I finally decided to purchase the rewritten version. I had already found the error in line 53 and had fixed that myself but I am stuck on line 59. Line 59 requires 360 stitches but there are only 358 stitches from line 57. And according to the chart, those 2 rows are the same number of stitches. There are not enough stitches for the SSKP at the end of the row. Perhaps the SSKP is supposed to be K2Tog??? I have tried changing it to just a K stitch but then continuing on, but the pattern got off center. I tried adding 2 stitches but that also made the pattern get off center. I was going to rip it all out and give up, but decided to buy the new pattern instead. I am very very frustrated. I love all the beadwork and really want to finish this shawl. Can you help? Thank you.

    • beyenburgerin said

      Hi Deborah,

      it is pretty late over here. I will have a look at the pattern tomorrow.


      • Deborah Emel said

        Hello again —
        After I typed and sent my frustrated email, I noticed in the written instructions on the purchased version of the pattern that you have special instructions for line 57. I am in the process of ripping out back to row 57 and will then follow those written instructions. Hopefully that will fix everything. I will let you know.

  10. Dorothy said

    I have tried three different times to make the see the light shawl and get stuck on row 49 everytime. It always comes out with 4 stitches left over.
    Please help me get it right because it is a birthday gift for my daughter.
    Thank you

    • beyenburgerin said

      I have no idea how you end up with four stitches left. Especially with five sections in this shawl pattern. That does not make sense.

  11. Dorothy said

    I got through row 49 okay but now I am stuck on row 53. I love the way the shawl looks in the pictures and I want to give this to my daughter for her 50th birthday.
    Please help.
    Thank you

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